Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of Days: Episode 2, Solitary Men

The zombie outbreak had all but doomed humanity. Government Scientists, in secret locations, work at fever pitches to reverse the effects and find a cure. Meanwhile the united leaders of the world agreed not to level cities (which had been abandoned), but instead firebomb them. Then rebuild. Hoping this would get the virus under control. But it did not. The result was destruction and major power outages.
The battle between the G.I. Joe team and Cobra continues.

Newark, New Jersey . . .

This was one of many, Ceda prepped, safe houses designed to shelter survivors against the undead. It was set up for short term stays.
But help never arrived.

Inside . . .

Their conversation attracts unwanted attention . . .

Bios/background info on the characters . . .

David Gallo was a mechanic, who never married, and spent much of his free time following American politics. He would often attend town meetings, and rallies, voicing his opinions against corruption on all levels. One day he was introduced to an organization known as Cobra. There he learned how Cobra wanted to change the world and free it from the grip of corporate greed and deep seeded government corruption. David had finally found his place and now serves as a mechanic for Cobra, all the while moving his way up the ranks of the Cobra Troopers.

As a young man Jim Conti became disenchanted with what he saw America becoming. He believed the Country had seen it's finest days and was on the way down as a Super Power. To him America was now a shadow of it's once great self- a Country given away by past generations. Jim made a living out of collecting disability checks for an injury that had long since been forgotten. In the end his attitude was too much of a strain on his marriage. At his divorce hearing he was quoted as saying, "This Country is weak. Why work to help support the system, when the system can support me?" The disability checks stopped soon after.
When he found out Cobra wanted to keep America on top- through whatever means necessary, Jim found something to believe in. His heart and sole now belong to Cobra.

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