Dead End

This Dio-Story contains scenes of graphic violence and graphic language.  Dead End is NOT intended for children.
 From Idea, to hand written form, to finished product, this Dio-Story took two months to complete.
    In my efforts to make interesting, off-the-beaten-path, Diorama-Stories, I turned to one of my favorite genres- the living dead! So, what I did with this one was essentially toss some G.I.Joe team members into the familiar boundaries already set up by George Romero and Len Barnhart (Slow plotting zombies that can only be destroyed by brain trauma. I even threw in fast zombies from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.


     Episode 1

The dead are coming back to life and feeding on the flesh of the living. No one really knows how it started. Most think it happened as a result of a government experiment. A bio-hazard leak. Those at the GI Joe HQ think differently. they believe it was an ill-managed Cobra exercise. Mindbender most likely playing God.

    What is known for certain is that there are two basic types of zombies. The first type was dubbed molasses; slow and lethargic, they can usually be found in packs close to where they passed away. The molasses are easily out run, but without a firearm or heavy blunt object they can be hard to put down. One attacks, then another, then another. The second zombie type is referred to as speedies. Speedies can run-like-the-wind. They don't need to breathe and their hearts do not pump, but their legs do. They have been spotted either alone or in groups far distances from where they died. Speedies are the most dangerous of the two. Even one can be deadly if you don't have a firearm.

    The first time a speedy was seen it was on I-95 South. Sure-Fire was undercover as a State Trooper when his radar gun caught a man running down the interstate at 36 miles-an-hour. (Most athletes can manage 23 mph, maybe 24 mph if they're really good.)

                                                                   Episode 2

Vague reports of the recently deceased returning to life were filtering in as Road Block arrived at Holy Name Hospital. Roadblock dismissed these as nonsense. He didn't believe in rumors about dead folks breathing.

He also couldn't believe what he found upon entering room 315 . . .

Episode 3

Lifeline, the GI Joe medic turned scientist, got a tip about a facility in East Rutherford and put a six man team together to check it out.

The team included...

The drive to the facility was quiet as the team listened to news bulletins . . .

If you have a working phone you are urged to call the emergency number we just gave you. This is the greatest potential for saving lives. FEMA or the NJ Domestic Security Preparedness task force will pick you up, and deliver you to a secured recovery center.

Emergency medical professionals are ready to treat any wounded. Also, properly trained, board certified, psychologists are available to answer any questions.

Pets are not allowed into any of the secured shelters, for health and space reasons. If you do not have a working phone and can not get to a secured shelter, we recommend boarding up all windows and doors.

FEMA, in conjunction with The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and The United Way are offering protected shelters in the following locations . . . Giant Stadium, the Teaneck Army, the Jersey City Youth Center-

The Zombies they did encounter were molasses. They sounded like children crying for something they couldn't have. Moaning and whining for warm flesh.

The team was protected from them in the Night-Rhino.

Heavy Duty wanted to shoot them, but there was no point. The gunshots might only draw more. As it were they were too sluggish to catch the speeding transport.

The Night-Rhino was parked at the edge of the facility so it wouldn't get stuck somewhere inside the maze of small office buildings and factories.

They continued on foot...

Outback had been uncharacteristically late to the meeting point at the Night-Rhino.

This was a scientific mission Lifeline put together. Everyone respected him for it. They all wanted to find a way to stop the madness that had become a part of their daily lives.

Episode 4 

                                                                          Episode 5

Episode 6 

Heavy Duty, Outback, and Lifeline enter building seven . . .

Backblast follows . . .

The smell of rotting flesh fills the air . . .

Heavy Duty approaches one of the bodies . . .

 Episode 7 


Episode 8

Episode 9 

Episode 10 

Thanks for reading Dead End. Hope you enjoyed it.

The zombie story continues in End of Days.