Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of Days: Resident Evil Crossover

Prologue (Written by David Lee)

Umbrella Corporation, B.O.W. Progress Report: Ne-G Type
We've made great breakthroughs on the Nemesis Project. Combining one of the parasites with the remains of the G creature recovered outside Raccoon City have produced... Interesting results. The G creature was discovered to be in a state of dormancy due to massive cellular damage sustained to it. Samples of it were shipped to several Umbrella facilities for further research and experimentation.

Introduction of the Nemesis parasite has seemingly kick started its regeneration and evolution. From the small sample we attained the creature has grown drastically, resembling something vaguely humanoid. It's roughly 8 ft tall with an oddly asymmetrical development. Evidence of the Nemesis parasite are visible; the parasite both dramatically increasing the creature's intelligence and allowing us control over it.

Have the other samples begun regenerating? If so, are the results similar or are they the result of the introduction of the parasite? Further study is necessary, though the Ne-G Type's strength and adaptability make it an excellent candidate as a production level weapon.

Dr. Samuel Isaacs
Hawthorne Facility

After the death of Dr. Samuel Issacs, Cobra secretly placed Dr. Mindbender on the Umbrella research center staff. Soon after he took over the Nemesis program and began gathering data for Cobra. The program is code name Biohazard Viper . . .

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